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When you own your own busines, a business owner's policy can be just as valuable to you as a homeowner's policy is to homeowners. The Business owner's policies were developed in the 1970s and many small to medium sized businesses have benefitted from this type of policy for the past forty years. 

A business owner's policy is a combination of many types of coverage to ensure that business owner's have the coverage that they need in one insurance package. Business owner's are able to get the coverage that they need without signing up for many different and smaller policies.  This type of policy makes insurance for small business owners more efficient, simple and inexpensive. 

The majority of coverage that is necessary for small to medium business owners is included in these plans. Simplifying your business' insurance plan and saving you money, business owner's policies can be a great decision. A typeical business owner's policy includes property coverage, liability coverage and more. If your company has unique insurance needs, youy may be able to add optional coverage packages. 

Typical BOP policies includes

  • Property insurance - This part of your business owner's policy covers the buildings that your business owns or rents and the contents within the building. This often includes inventory, furniture, electronic equipment, office equipment or property that is in your business' care. 
  • Bodily Injury/Property Damage Liability- This part of your business owner's policy covers any legal responsibility you have for harm that is caused to another. This harm can come as a result of something that you or your employees do ro do not do in your business operations. Your action or inaction may cause bodily injury or property damage and both are covered. Personal and Advertising Injury is a specialized type of coverage. It will cover instances of libel, slander and other damages that can come as a result of personal action or advertising. 
  • Business Income - This part of your business owner's policy 
  • covers the loss of income resulting from a fire or other catastrophe that disrupts the operation of the business. It can also include the extra expense of operating out of a temporary location. This coverage can be extended up to an additional year.
  • Medical Payments - covers the necessary medical expenses incurred by others (not an insured). Coverage does not imply negligence.
  • Equipment Breakdown - pays for physical damage to equipment caused by mechanical and electrical breakdown. It can also cover business income or spoilage losses due to an equipment breakdown and your extra expenses to limit the equipment loss or speed repairs.

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