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Long Beach Umbrella Insurance

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Although you may not have considered a Long Beach Umbrella Insurance plan before, it may be the most beneficial way to protect your assets.  If you would like to discuss your umbrella insurance options, do not be afraid to stop by 4195 N. Viking Way Suite G, Long Beach, CA 90808. We can help you understand what policy would be most beneficial to you.

Wealth. Lawsuits. It's easy to assume a relationship between the two. Unfortunately, that assumption is a common error made by most people. Anyone can be sued, regardless of income level, for just about any reason - your dog accidentally injured your neighbor's child, an overgrown tree in your yard crashed through your neighbor's roof or the unthinkable happens and you severely injure someone in a car crash. Personal liability lawsuits can result in judgments amounting to six and seven figures.

If you're not covered by an umbrella policy, you could be risking everything - your car, your home, the lifestyle to which you and your family are accustomed, and possibly your future income.

Typical auto, homeowners and other property insurance liability limits are not adequate to cover the large court judgments being awarded these days. If you ever have to pay such a judgment, an umbrella policy can provide extra protection and may help you safeguard your assets.

There are also some types of personal liability losses that your other policies do not cover, including libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy. An umbrella policy fills the gaps in your insurance policies by extending protection for these types of claims. Best of all, this vital insurance protection is relatively inexpensive.

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