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New California Traffic Laws for 2013

Dec 27 2012 New laws that govern California drivers will go in effect on January 1, 2013. These rules are the product of legislation passed by the state legislature and signed into law by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. in... more

Holiday Driving Tips From the California Office of Traffic Safety

Dec 18 2012 California has had its first taste of cold, wet weather, and while people prepare for holiday travel, the oncoming winter season and the onslaught of more rain and snow, the California Office of Traffic Safety... more

Roadside Assistance Included

Dec 4 2012 Another convenience that is now more readily available on auto policies is roadside assistance. Roadside assistance is there if you lock you keys in your car, provides towing if your car dies while on the road,... more

Distracted Driving

Nov 19 2012 With the holidays fast approaching, many of us will be in our cars to visit family and friends and of course...shop! With so much time behind the wheel of the car, it is easy to forget that distractions such... more

Do I need Medical Expense coverage on my auto insurance policy?

Nov 5 2012 Among the coverages most overlooked on an auto insurance policy is Medical Expense coverage. Medical Expense coverage cover the costs associated with medical treatment needed due to a car accident. It covers... more

Let's Talk Earthquakes

Oct 22 2012 With two recent earthquakes centered in Yorba Linda with magnitudes over 4.0, without question, we have felt the effects of those quakes in Long Beach and Lakewood. Ground shaking from earthquakes can collapse... more

Yes on Prop. 33 Opinion: All drivers stand to benefit from lower auto insurance rates

Oct 8 2012 Proposition 33 allows California drivers to keep the discount they have earned by following the law and having car insurance. Presently, California only allows that discount to be given if you stay with the... more

Do I need renters insurance?

Sep 24 2012 While most people know how important it is to have homeowners insurance, many never really consider whether tenants need to protect themselves. Many believe that the landlord's insurance will cover them, when... more

Are minimum limits enough?

Sep 10 2012 The liability limits you purchase on your automobile insurance policy pay for the injuries and damage your vehicle caused to another. The minimum limits for car insurance in California is expressed as a split... more

How often should I review my homeowner policy?

Sep 4 2012 There are four events that should trigger a review of your policy: When your policy comes up for renewal Don't just automatically send a check to your insurance company. Take the time to review your coverage... more